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Roz Brewer, Stefano Pessina participate in Forbes Healthcare Summit

Brewer and Pessina join discussion with leaders across healthcare, medicine, science and business around creating a healthier world for everyone.

WBA pharmacist holding vaccine

What will healthcare look like in 2030?

This was the question in conversation at the 10th annual Forbes Healthcare Summit on Dec. 2. The virtual event, themed “Breakthrough Solutions for the Next Decade,” brought together executives and minds behind the innovations that aim to improve healthcare treatment and delivery to discuss how they are creating a healthier world for everyone. Two of these leaders included WBA’s CEO Roz Brewer and Executive Chairman of the Board Stefano Pessina.

Pessina was named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Leaders of the Decade, and spoke to attendees about his lifetime of successful strategic partnerships and acquisitions that began in the ’70s when he joined his family’s pharmaceutical wholesale business.

Stefano Pessina is a Forbes Top 10 Leader of the Decade

Brewer participated in a conversation with Moira Forbes, executive vice president of Forbes, called “The New Faces Transforming Healthcare.” During the discussion, Brewer said the rollout out of hundreds of physician-staffed clinics attached to Walgreens stores as well as additional investments in post-acute and home care will “keep people from returning to the system of healthcare.”

Watch a clip or read more highlights from Forbes as Brewer shares her thoughts on the future of healthcare, investing in equitable access to care, and her strategy for WBA and its iconic brands.Moira Forbes interviews Roz Brewer

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