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Still looking for holiday gifts? Walgreens is the destination that makes shopping simple

From toys to beauty to stocking stuffers, Walgreens is your last-minute grab-and-go gift headquarters.
Steve Rausch, Walgreens Stories
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Mere hours remain until presents need to be wrapped and stockings stuffed. If you’re one of many still in need of a gift or two—or if you haven’t gotten started on your holiday shopping at all—it’s OK, Walgreens has an array of gifts, ranging from toys to beauty products to monogrammed drinkware, for last minute shoppers like you.

Gift options at Walgreens cover every age range in categories across the store, with the best of the best products in just a couple aisles. There are stocking stuffers under $5, Walgreens-brand beauty products galore, all under $10, and most toys priced under $30. With that combination of ease and value, you’ll be happy you waited.

To help last-minute shoppers, Walgreens seasonal gift experts Eunice Park, Ashley Hertz and Bri Chin were called together to identify gift trends and provide their best gift ideas. They didn’t disappoint.

Like an entire toy store in a single aisle

You may not immediately think of Walgreens as a toy destination, but it’s one of the largest toy retailers in the U.S., offering a wide variety of toy options, including the hottest trends.

“Our stores have smaller footprints than big box retailers, so we don’t have the shelf space dedicated to toys that they do,” says Park, category manager of toys and plush. “But that limited space forces us to focus on bringing in only the best in every toy category. So, with a single aisle dedicated to the best toys and most priced under $30, Walgreens is the ideal one-stop shop for quick gifts.”

Every kid knows there are toys, and then there are THE toys that everybody hopes to unwrap for the holidays. Walgreens offers plenty of trending toys, especially in three areas Park identifies as the hottest of the hot:

  • Squishmallows: Soft, adorable and wonderfully squeezable, Squishmallows continue to be a hot gift, for young kids all the way up to adult collectors. Walgreens offers a number of different Squishmallows, including three exclusives: Jerome the Triceratops, Frog with Crown, and Blue Tie-Dye Anglerfish.
  • Blind box/mystery toys: Kids love the suspense of getting something mysterious, and not knowing what the toy is until they open the capsule. Blind box toys like L.O.L. Surprise! Hairgoals and Mini Brands Surprise Disney Store edition, with their unique contents, bring a thrilling prize in every package. There are even blind Squishmallows that are hidden in a mini bag, so you don’t know which Squish you’re getting until you open it.
  • Collectables: Trading cards and action figures are always on the top of wish lists, and this season is no different. “This year, with the World Cup, team and player stickers and cards are super popular,” says Park. “And trading cards like Pokémon never go out of style.”
Grab and go gifts

Turn down the seasonal aisle in any Walgreens store and you’ll be walking into a gift-giving wonderland, where you’ll be able to meet the needs of every person on your list, whether they’re family, teachers, co-workers or friends.

“Gift trends don’t just apply to toys,” says Hertz, Walgreens category manager of fall/winter gifting and holiday décor. She identifies three gifting areas that are trending this season:
  • Monogrammed items: Giving and receiving great items emblazoned with a monogrammed initial is personal and popular. Walgreens has monogrammed merchandise like candles, mugs, tumblers, keychains and more. And here’s a holiday gifting fun fact: Did you know the most common initials are M, S, A, K, C and J? Walgreens carries plenty of items with those in-demand letters, along with other secondary letters.
  • Slippers are classic, and still stylish: Warm feet, warm heart, as the old saying goes, so cozy slippers never go out of style. Walgreens has a wide selection of Totes slippers for men, women and kids, and they're on sale through the holidays for $16.99.
  • Self-care: The self-care wave that started during the pandemic is still trending, and Walgreens has it covered with great gifts that allow someone to create moments that are just for them. Hertz recommends several self-care items that are already holiday best-sellers, including neck and shoulder weighted wraps, foot massagers that plug into a USB so you can massage your feet while you work, and a soft, warm Modern Expressions leopard throw blanket to curl up in for under $20.
Beauty that’s affordable and fun

Looking and feeling great doesn’t have to be expensive. Chin, Walgreens manager of owned-brands beauty, says the entire Walgreens owned-brand beauty collection has been carefully curated with quality and cost in mind.
“Everything we have in our holiday collection is a great value, with every product costing less than $10, no matter if it’s a stocking stuffer or a gift set,” she says.

“And all of our owned brand beauty products are quality-tested to make sure they meet Walgreens high product standards, and are 100% guaranteed, so people get a lot for their money.”

Chin makes a list of this year’s trending stocking stuffers in the beauty category (and checks it twice):
  • Using tools for glowing skin: “Facial tool sets have become really popular ways to achieve healthy skin,” says Chin. “Our Modern Expressions Skincare Set is an incredible value because you're getting the Gua Sha tool, a jade roller and a facial mask. Typically, you could spend upwards of $10 on just one of those pieces, but that entire set is $9.99.”
  • Relaxation is always on-trend: Create a spa-like experience for yourself or someone who needs to decompress. Chin suggests dissolving shower steamers, a 12-piece gift set featuring four different scents, and Modern Expressions six-scent mini hand cream set for post-shower skin hydration. Both are $7.99. Add in a bath neck pillow, a scented soap-infused buffer and a bath caddy—a bamboo tray that fits on your bathtub to hold your coffee, your tea, your glass of wine, or can hold an iPad or a book—and you’ve given the gift of calm.
  • Scents that cost cents: Familiar smells can be comforting, so Walgreens has set up a Holiday Scent Shop featuring body lotions, shower gels and hand soaps in four holiday-inspired scents—Vanilla Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Berry, Vanilla Peppermint, and Evergreen Forest—for $4.99 each, or two for $8.
Stocking stuffers for $5? You’re going to need a bigger stocking

Within its seasonal aisle, Walgreens has an entire section dedicated to stocking stuffers, all under $5. Likewise, in the beauty aisle, there are a host of stocking stuffers offered at $5, including items at $2.49 each or three for $5.

Hertz and Chin have looked to build their product assortments by working with suppliers to create items that can fit into a stocking, and also fit into that $5 price point.

Park says sensory items like slime or putty make great stocking stuffers for kids young and old who like to keep their hands busy. And Chin spotlights both exfoliating bath mitts with whimsical holiday themed motifs of reindeer and snowmen to add festivity to bath time, and holiday nail stickers to embellish your nails with fun art of Santa, Christmas trees and mistletoe.

“Our aisle offers stocking stuffers for everyone,” says Hertz. “We’re set up with a huge variety of great products at a sharp $5 price point, so you can find a fun, thoughtful gift even if you wait to the last minute.”

 For customers looking for items, updates with the latest available store inventory information frequently throughout the day. Additionally, Walgreens Same Day Delivery and Pickup provide convenient options for receiving products.

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